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Sprinkles by JetWave Sprinkles by JetWave
This is Sprinkles from the very first commission I have ever done which was made for sparky416 [link] and his Fallout: Equestria roleplay over at

I actually had to redraw him entirely at one time and his mussel constantly got weird and don't get me started on his wings. I really don't like drawing those things. Sure it's challanging and all but DAMN they are hard to get right! D:

Description from the character author:

*In the post apocalyptic wasteland of Equestira, there are a number of vaults and fallout bunkers that someponies ran into before the megaspells were dropped. But in the land of nothing there a pony that didn't flee into a vault lays sleeping in a time capsule in a nuclear fallout bunker he made with his hooves. This bunker is located in a now ruined house in ponyville, slightly away from the town to be exact. and in this house down into the basement, there is still a intact door, steal with wooden bars on the out side. On the inside on this door there is another staircase that leads down...150 steps later there is a door, again this door in made of steal but the wooden bars are metal instead. And inside is a little cozy room, complete with oxygen tanks and re-breathers, down the side on the room there is a capsule and in that capsule is a pegasus name Sergeant Sprinkle. he got his name by reaching sergeant rank in the Equestrian army against an unknown enemy, he got scared of what the foes were capable of then fled back to his home before building the bunker below his basement. 150 years have passed since he locked himself inside it...and the time lock is about to open. As it opens the pony inside falls to the ground. he then, slowly opens his eyes* uh....? *he gets up and looks around the room* wow..h..has it been 150 years already? *he then looks to the metal door at one end of the room* mmmm, I wonder.... *he slowly approaches the metal door and places a hoof on a dusty hoof scan system, once he does so the device shimmers a lime green as a laser reads his hoof. once his hoof has been scanned the metal doors open to the staircase on the other side. he then trots forward and up the 150 stars to the top where he finds another door with another scanner near by. He once again places his hoof onto the scanner and after it has scanned his hoof the door opens to the revile the basement and the half crumbled walls that surround it* ..oh dear Celestia..w..what in the hay happened? *he trots into the basement and looks around at all the wrecked stuff, he then slowly makes his way into the main part of the house...well, whats left of to and looks around at the sight of all the destroyed walls and buildings* ....did they drop the megaspells? *he walks out of what is left of the building and started to slowly trot through ponyville, looking at all the pass buildings as he does so*

Please leave a comment about what you think about him!
pseudonymofbronies Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Yay For Sgt.Sprinkles :), It looks quite nice i like what you done with the steel plating, Shiny things are Shiny :)
sparky416 Featured By Owner May 19, 2012
Jet, I really cant thank you enough for what you have done, really. thanks a lot for what you have done ^.^
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May 19, 2012
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